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“Ben, I am up to your "SEARCHING" VIDEO. I love this. You have given me just what I needed, as I am a very systematic person. I think in terms of SYSTEMS.”
Janet Randle - Media Psychology PhD student and trial lawyer
Imagine for a moment that you have been asked to write a literature review. The feeling of dread and confusion that you used to feel is no longer there. Instead you're filled with a sense of cool confidence.

As you begin to read papers, you have this warm content feeling that for once, it is you and not the literature that is in control.

You quickly begin to feel like you are the conductor of a grand orchestra, getting every instrument to sing in perfect harmony culminating in a room full of rapturous applause from the audience.

Am I going over the top here?


The literature review is a sticking point for most people. The reason is pretty simple:

you’ve never been taught how to do one.

And if you have, you probably haven’t been taught by someone who understands the writing process in depth.

So what normally happens?

You get tense, anxious and nervous. You lose sleep, you drink a lot of coffee but eventually you manage to turn in a literature review draft.

Your supervisor gives you some harsh criticism without really telling you how to improve.

Demotivated, you try to address the comments - realizing that you don’t really understand how to address them and you don’t even care anymore, you just want this thing out of the way.

The cycle continues until both you and your supervisor are fed up enough to give up and the literature review is (kind of) done.

This is horrendous.

But imagine what you could do if you’d had even a little bit of good quality instruction

Imagine what it would feel like to be shown a tried and tested method for producing a high quality literature review.

Imagine what it would feel like to understand what you had to do and see everything with total clarity.

You will feel on top of the world – believe me, I’ve got more than a little experience with this now.

I started doing my first real lit review about 4 years ago when I was writing my doctoral thesis.

Like most people it was hell on earth.

I wanted to understand how I could get better because like most people, I’m not a naturally gifted writer – not to mention being totally disorganized.

So I spent the next 4 years undergoing and intense period of trial and error.

I read all the writing books I could get my hands on.

I read works from top authors in psychology and motivation.

I took courses.

I talked to world experts on my blog.

After wading through a lot of information (some good, quite a lot bad) I finally saw clearly.

I felt like I understood the fundamental building blocks of the  literature review

So the only thing left to do was test it. I went to write a literature review in an entirely new subject at the start of a brand new job.

The difference was astounding.

When I sat down at my computer to start the literature review I felt energized.

I felt excited about the prospect of uncovering something really new. I felt humbled to know that I was about to tap into some of the greatest minds of our lifetime and learn what they could teach me.

I could not wait to get started. And soon, I was sending the draft off to my boss.

Then came the corrections. Obviously I was so great that there was nothing to do…

… well not quite…

…when I got the corrections back there was just as much red pen and track changes as before.

But as I read through them I felt myself understand what the corrections were and how they would impact on my writing. I found that they gave me ideas on how to improve not just the corrections, but other areas of the text as well.

I also found that some of them were just wrong.

I disagreed with them totally and now I had the confidence to say NO.

In fact in some of the later drafts of the literature review I found that I was now correcting my supervisor.

Yes, I was correcting my supervisor

Imagine the feeling of receiving a draft of a literature review from your supervisor and being able to go through it with a big fat marker pen.

You cross things out,

You make comments,

You make changes

And you feel absolutely GREAT.

You’re over run with a sense of calm confidence that you’d never experienced before, especially when it came to writing. Yet here you are, correcting your own supervisor's work and coming to the simple and yet ground shatteringly powerful realization that…

“Actually, I CAN do this”

So how do you get this much confidence in your writing?

Well like anything you have to have a good, solid foundation. This is what I lacked 4 years ago, and why my proverbial literature review houses kept crashing down around me.

But in the last 4 years, I've learned exactly what is needed to make a good literature foundation, firstly from the clueless student's perspective, and now as a teacher.

So I condensed  4 years worth of intensive study and made it into a 4 hour Boot Camp course

That’s 4 years of blood sweat and tears squeezed and stuffed into a course that you could do in an evening.

You get the fruits of 4 years of my pain and suffering and you have to give up 1 evening to get it…

… It hardly seems fair, I kind of hate you a little right now 😉 …

… just kidding, no one should have to go through what I and many others face year in year out.

The sole purpose of this course is to give you a solid foundation, a strong platform based in good technique, superior organization and an acutely critical mindset.

With all these elements in place, you have an immediate sense of security because you know what you have to do. This quickly blooms into confidence.

With this foundation, your mindset will change completely.

You’ll stop wondering IF you’ll ever get this damn thing written.

Instead you’ll think, WHERE will I publish it?

But what does this confidence boosting, foundation building course have in it?

Well I'm glad that you asked :)

In this course, you will get immediate access to:

A foolproof, belt and braces organization system. Never let an important article fall through the cracks and learn to recognize when you have done enough reading. You’ll also not feel overwhelmed when faced with that seemingly insurmountable pile of papers.

The essence of critical analysis. How to read and write critically and understand the critical conventions in academic writing. In other words, you know when you’ve just given a presentation and you’re looking round, hoping nobody asks you anything, then, a hand pops up. “This is probably a stupid question but…” they say as they systematically rip your work to shreds and reduce you to a wreck on the floor. You can BE that guy. Critical reading can be a bit of a nebulous concept so in the Boot Camp I don’t leave it to chance. I give you worksheets of critical questions to fill out to help you to develop your own specific critical views.

How to read AND interpret the literature FAST. Not only will you get a speed reading master class (noticeably increase your reading speed after one 5 minute lesson) but I will teach you how to interpret the literature and work out what it means for YOUR literature review in a fraction of the time.

Confidence that will make you the envy of everyone in your group. People will wonder how you do it. How have you transformed from a nervous wreck into an ultra-confident, critical academic writer?

The calming mindset of a Buddhist monk. You will learn how to conquer the stress of writing but in a non-conventional way. Instead of facing it head on, putting your head down and running at it (exhausting and dangerous), you’ll learn to nimbly side step stress using clever mental tricks.

LIFETIME access. As long as the course is running, you will have access to everything. Every singe update and upgrade that I make will be yours. You can download every video and resource that I give you and keep it on your hard drive forever.

Access from ANYWHERE. Got internet? Then you’ve got access to the literature review Boot Camp course. On your phone, tablet, laptop or PC it’s there. If you don’t have regular access to the internet and don’t want to stream the lessons then you can simply download them and watch them at your leisure.

OK, so you want more detail. Here you go...

There are 6 jam-packed modules, each designed from my own experience as a struggling student turned teacher, to address a critical aspect of the literature review.

At the core of each module are multiple, 5 minute downloadable videos for no-fluff, straight to the point advice that will permanently and positively impact your lit review immediately (there are 46 videos in total).

These are triple distilled and condensed golden nuggets that are the product of 4 years of my own research into the subject. There is no excess in here. All the fat has been trimmed. Only the pure and authentic facts that will give you writing confidence. This IS 100% guaranteed by the way, but we'll get to that later.

Module 1: Mindset

mindset box

$79 value

Replace stress and fear of failure with confidence and control. You will learn how a novel way to approach the literature review that will stop you feeling so stressed and allow you to think about your writing more creatively.

Module 2: Organisation

$79 value
organisation box

Never lose another reference. Never again feel overwhelmed by the mountain of papers you have to read and learn to feel incredibly smug with yourself as every time you read another paper, you feel like another piece of your carefully organized puzzle has just fallen into place.

Module 3: Searching

searching box

$79 value

Learn how to effortlessly deal with thousands of search results. Learn how to makes sure that you cover every last inch on the literature that you need to and know exactly when you have finished.

Module 4: Reading

$79 value
reading box

Read faster and understand more. In this module you’ll learn how to physically read faster, but also where to look in articles to quickly find the relevant information.

Module 5: Writing

writing box

$79 value

Learn the REAL key to writing success (it’s not what you think!). In this module you will learn how to make your writing flow better. I’ll teach you how to incorporate themes and narrative into your lit review and I’ll also teach you how eliminate writers block.

Module 6: Improvement

improvement box

$79 value

From strong foundations to literary skyscrapers. Once you’ve mastered the basics you will learn how to continue improving as an academic writer week by week. Eventually you’ll become an unstoppable literature review writing force leaving a wake of peer reviewed and published papers that will turn you into rock star in your field.

That is the core of the course. It will take 4 hours to complete and in 4 hours, you will be a more confident lit reviewer.

But that's not all...

With each of the 6 modules there is a Literature Review Bootcamp success guide. Put together, these guides gives you an extra 20,000 words of essential tips on how to produce an amazing literature review.

6 Literature Review Success Guides

Mindsetmindset binder
Searchingsearching binder

Readingreading binder
Writingwriting binder
Improvementimprovement binder

Each one of the Success Guides is carefully and intricately designed to complement the core videos of the course. They are delivered digitally for speed and convenience which means you can read them on your electronic devices (ANY device, there is no DRM) or simply print them off. Each one of the Success Guides is worth $59.

And there's MORE...

Effect multiplier worksheet pack
There are also worksheets to help you take action and to reinforce the lessons from the videos.

The entire course is designed to be FAST. However, if you have the time, I've strategically inserted worksheets to help slow you down so you don't skip over the details. The worksheets are designed to reinforce the lessons from the videos and provide a step-by-step guide when you get started implementing the new techniques you've learned. The worksheet pack is usually valued at $69.

I'm still not done...

YOU get Rewarded for your hard work

certificate 200As you've taken the effort and time to educate yourself maybe you should get some recognition?

I think you should!

Once you've completed the course there is a short, optional certification procedure. Once you're done you get a certificate emailed straight to your inbox. You can hang it on your wall and show it to your mum!

On a serious note though, certification is a great way to demonstrate what you have learned. You can put the course on your C.V. and maybe even get credits for it at your university.

I've made sure this course is bursting at the seams with value


You get:

6 core modules with a total of 46 videos and a value of $474

6 Literature Review Success Guides with a value $354

The Effect Multiplier Worksheet pack valued at $69

And a personalised certificate

Making a total of $897

$897 is the total value of this course that has been crafted and designed from years of work and experience. This is what the course is worth and as a comparison, you can check out similar course offered by Universities and companies all over the world. A cheap course would typically start at $1000 and can go up to $6000 and even more.

But it's not going to cost you $897 for it. It won't cost half, or even a quarter of the price.

Instead I'm charging $199 for everything.

$897 worth of value for $199

And that includes everything I mentioned before but I've recently added new payment options so you can take advantage of the core of the course at the lowest possible price (there are even 2 month payment options available)


But is it any good? Well I wouldn't be writing this to you now unless it had been thoroughly tested.

So what are people saying about it?
"Ben will help you get from “stuck” to “done” with your lit. review"

“I highly recommend Ben’s literature review bootcamp. Being stuck with your writing can make you feel miserable and lead to procrastination with your project for weeks and even months. And this is when you’ve got no time to lose.

Ben’s course demystifies the whole process of doing your lit. review and gives you concrete tools and strategies to get unstuck and get it done. He guides you to being the confident and critical writer by helping you recognise the skills and strengths you’ve always had and use the resources at hand to make the process easy while achieving great results.”

Olga Degtyareva,

Productivity Coach from

"This site concentrates his experience into a course full of practical advice"

“Ben Libberton is the King of Literature Review. With Literature Review HQ he has created an incredible resource - both in the variety of articles and the quality of the material. His creative provocations and top tips have helped thousands of researchers all over the world with a crucial part of PhD life.

I've taken a look at his latest resource: Literature Review Boot Camp. This site concentrates his experience into a course full of practical advice. Through clear bite-size videos, Ben explains what every researcher needs to know - and needs to do - when it comes to their literature review. The extra downloads, handouts and materials make this an essential resource for PhD researchers.”

Nathan Ryder,

Post Graduate Skill Trainer

"Due to his excellent skills, Ben was able to improve my critical thinking in a way to actually express it in my writing"

“I know Ben for more than a year. And since that I am not only actively following his blog and podcasts I also met him personally. Due to his excellent skills, Ben was able to improve my critical thinking in a way to actually express it in my writing. Furthermore did he actively contribute to my literature review skills through several discussions via email or through testing his promising Boot Camp. I found Ben to be a true professional and a good listener. Therefore I think he is a great help in a variety of circumstances within the journey of many PhD candidates.”

Claus Nesensohn,

PhD Candidate in Construction project management, UK

"Ben has thought of just about everything and covers it concisely through audio and useful printed material"

“I'm a PhD student working remotely on my research. I don't have an immediate community of peers to talk with about how all of this PhD stuff works. It's a huge endeavour and, frankly, a little scary, especially the literature review. Even if you're well-versed in your area(s) of research, where does one even start? The Lit Review Bootcamp has been really valuable to me. It offers a number of strategies for establishing very good habits early on that will make the process a lot easier down the road. It's loaded with tips, advice, and information about how to work smarter and faster while still being thorough and efficient in your work. Ben has thought of just about everything and covers it concisely through audio and useful printed material. Even better, he has cleverly designed it to suit the busy schedules of PhD students by breaking the modules up into short audio clips that you have ongoing access to. It's all there for you when you need it and want it, and I imagine I'll be revisiting it quite often as I continue on in my programme. One thing about Ben, I've only become acquainted with him very recently through his website Lit Review HQ in that time he has been very responsive to any questions or queries I might have about anything. Thanks Ben.”

Tara Fannon,

PhD Candidate in Political Science and Sociology

"The markers commented on how well the Lit review was presented"

“I just wanted to let you know that I graduated this week with a Distinction in my Occupational Health & Safety Masters after I got a distinction in my literature review dissertation. I was absolutely over the moon to get a distinction and I wanted to thank you sincerely for helping me achieve it as I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. The markers commented on how well the Lit review was presented and I think that was down to the funnel technique you taught me. I included screen shots of the literature review matrix and one of the markers said this showed that I had researched diligently.”

Rhydian Fairfax,

Graduate in Occupational Health & Safety

"the course not only saved me time but
even made me enthusiastic to do more literature reviews"

“As a Ph.D. student, this course was very helpful to me. It addresses both the psychological and practical aspects of doing literature reviews, but the real strength of the program was the instructor’s concrete, easy to follow approach that carried us through the step-by-step process of doing literature reviews. It effectively turned a daunting, difficult task, into a relatively easy, systematic process. After taking the course and following the steps, I found that the course not only saved me time but even made me enthusiastic to do more literature reviews.

Lise Allen,

PhD Student in EAP Counselling

"Thank YOU for making that series of videos!"

“I watched the entire set of videos over two days. While it might take only an afternoon, as you suggest, there was a lot of information and I needed to take some time for it to sink in. I`ll watch some of the videos again.
I`ve already started using some of the information. The tips on internet searching were new to me, and I started using them right after watching that video. I couldn`t wait. I downloaded a mind-mapping program and mapped out my literature review - it was easier than I expected. The details will take care of themselves - as they occur to me, I`ll just add them. It will make writing the review much easier. I`ve also started planning each days research before the day arrives, and will gradually work up to week/month/semester/year plans by the end of the week. The biggest bonus to me was your emphasis on focusing the literature on the review questions (which I take to be a variation of the research questions). I`d just realized that focusing the literature on the review questions to make the research questions seem inevitable and natural problems with some urgency and impact was important after a series of vague and over-long presentations, but your videos confirmed this and showed that the same concept is important for a literature review. Now I understand my adviser`s plaintive request to not report everything!”

Eleanor Carson,

English Lecturer and PhD Student

"It gives good advice in the areas where most PhDs get stuck with their literature review"

“The Literature Review Boot Camp does not only give you great practical tips, but it puts a lot of emphasis in practice and planning the different phases of literature review.

All in all I think this literature review course is great for any starting PhD student or for those that are having big trouble with their literature review. It gives good advice in the areas where most PhDs get stuck with their literature review. Obviously Ben has spent many years helping students and he knows his stuff.”

Julio Peironcely,

Managing Editor at Next Scientist

"he is the go-to resource for anything related with the literature review"

“The brilliant part of this course is that it is short. It takes only 4 hours to get an overview of all skills: no beating about the bush, but clear advice. The course covers theory as well as tutorials for practical applications. To make sure you turn the course into practice, every video has actionable goals, and every module finishes with a recap of what you need to start doing.

Ben has been studying the literature review for 4 years, and he has been blogging about the topic for 3 years: he is the go-to resource for anything related with the literature review. And now his knowledge is offered to you in this boot camp course.”

Eva Lantsoght,

Assistant Professor and Writer of the blog - PhD Talk


Not sure? Let me take the risk, not you

If you're not happy in the first 30 days you get ALL your money back. And this is guaranteed. 100%. No nonsense. You write better and feel more confident, or you don’t pay.

If for any reason you’re not happy. Just email me within 30 days and I’ll send you a refund on the spot. No questions asked.

I’m confident in my method. If it can work for me then it can work for almost anyone.

However it simply may not be for you. If that’s the case then you get all your money back AND you get to keep the entire course.

Why am I telling you this?

I’m in the business of helping people with their literature review. After two and a half years of blogging and private coaching I know that I can do this well so I’m confident in my ability.

However, if I can’t help you then you shouldn’t pay. It’s just fair. I have a good reputation in Higher Education. I’ve had many world experts featured on my blog and I’ve contributed to many of their blogs in return.

I value my reputation above everything else, so if I can’t help you, you will not pay. I cannot afford to have unhappy customers. Money is not as valuable to me as trust and good will.

This is why I’m taking the option of losing it and the risk off the table. If you’re unhappy, I lose some money and you get my course for free, but I keep your trust.

Total satisfaction or you pay NOTHING. No-nonsense, no questions.



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